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Our sustainability efforts actually improve the surrounding environment as time goes on!

We’re committed to delivering the highest quality, environmentally responsible farmed fish products.

Our Technology

Floating raceways represent a significant advancement in expanding aquaculture production capabilities. These raceways, characterized by their solid-walled structure, enable effective management of fish and their waste, comparable to traditional land-based farms. This design facilitates high feed conversion rates.

The technology allows for precise control over various environmental parameters, including water quality, temperature, and the removal of settleable solids such as uneaten feed and fish waste. It also regulates dissolved oxygen levels and water velocity. Due to their aquatic setting, floating raceways require minimal energy for water circulation, leading to energy-efficient operations. Their capital and operational costs are competitive, aligning closely with the low production expenses associated with net pens.

A key advantage of situating floating raceways in enclosed ponds without surface discharge is the elimination of fish escape into the wider environment and the prevention of nutrient discharge into adjacent water bodies.

Floating Raceways

These offer new opportunities to develop aquaculture production capacity and allows us to grow the highest quality fish on the market. Floating raceway technology provides:

Water Quality Control

Temperature Modulation

Biosecure Environment

Optimum Oxygen Levels

Green Technology