Farmed with Care

Our sustainability efforts actually improve the surrounding environment as time goes on!

We’re committed to delivering the highest quality, environmentally responsible farmed fish products.

Our Technology

Floating raceways offer a new opportunity to develop aquaculture production capacity.

Because raceways provide solid walled containment of fish, the ability to manage fish and fish wastes is comparable to traditional land based farms and facilitate similarly high rates of feed conversion. Floating raceway technology provides control over water quality, temperature modulation, removal of settleable solids (uneaten fish feed and fish waste), dissolved oxygen levels and water velocity. Since the raceways sit in water, pumping and circulating water through the raceways is extremely energy efficient with overall capital and operating costs that are comparable to the low cost of production in net pens.

When floating raceways are located within confined ponds with no surface discharge or outflow there is no chance of fish escaping to the broader environment or for any nutrient discharge to nearby receiving waters.

Floating Raceways

These offer new opportunities to develop aquaculture production capacity and allows us to grow the highest quality fish on the market. Floating raceway technology provides:

Water Quality Control

Temperature Modulation

Biosecure Environment

Optimum Oxygen Levels

Green Technology