Mr. Perpick began his distinguished career in the hospitality industry by co-founding Casey’s Roadhouse in Sudbury in 1980. He quickly advanced his entrepreneurial vision by launching Yesac Creative Food in 1982, propelling Casey’s Roadhouse into a successful franchise. Under his guidance, Yesac evolved into a multi-brand entity, comprising Casey’s, Pat and Mario’s, and East Side Mario’s Restaurants. The company’s significant growth led to its acquisition by Claridge Investments in 1989, transitioning into Prime Restaurants. Following the acquisition of Prime Restaurants by Pepsico U.S. in 1993, Mr. Perpick played a crucial role as Executive Vice President. His leadership continued to shine following a management buyout in 2000, where he became President and COO. The pivotal merger of Prime Restaurants with Cara in 2013, forming Recipe Unlimited, marked another key chapter in his career. Post-merger, Mr. Perpick joined Fairfax Financial, focusing on business development. His contributions to the industry have been consistently recognized with various awards. Currently, Mr. Perpick serves on several boards, including Izumi Aquaculture, furthering his impact in the sector.