Mr. Perpick’s career in foodservice and hospitality began as one of the four founding partners of Casey’s Roadhouse in Sudbury in 1980.

In 1982 the partners created Yesac Creative Food and began franchising Casey’s Roadhouse Restaurants which has led to over 40 years of franchising. Yesac became a multi brand company with Casey’s Restaurants, Pat and Mario’s restaurants, and East side Mario’s Restaurants. 

In 1989 Yesac Creative Foods was sold to Claridge Investments and became Prime Restaurants. 

In 1993 Pepsico U.S. purchased all the trade marks of Prime Restaurants. Prime Restaurants maintained the rights to Canada through a licensing agreement. It was at this time that Mr. Perpick became Executive Vice President of Prime Restaurants. 

In 2000 a management buyout was led by John Rothschild to buy back the shares and trademarks. Mr. Perpick became President and Chief Operating Officer. This was followed by a conversion to Income Trust Fund. 

In 2011 Fairfax Financial purchased majority interest of Prime restaurants and privatized. In 2013 Fairfax bought controlling interest in Cara Restaurants and merged Prime Restaurants with Cara to eventually become Recipe unlimited. 

It was at this time that Mr. Perpick joined Fairfax Financial focusing on new business development. 

Mr. Perpick’s successes in the hospitality industry have been acknowledged by his peers with various awards and recognitions. 

Mr. Perpick currently sits on a number of boards including Izumi aquaculture.